Unrelated accidents this morning send one to hospital

Cliff ClarkGM/

September 28, 2012

Three accidents in the last eight hours have sent one person to the hospital and another accident has been reported in the Lansing Community in the last 20 minutes.

The rash of roadway accidents began on U.S. 221 just past midnight Friday.

According to Steve Craven, chief of the Fleetwood Volunteer Fire Department, rescue personnel were called to the scene on U.S. 221 near Riverbluff Drive at approximately 7 a.m.

When the volunteers arrived, they found a Toyota truck upside down in a small creek that runs along U.S. 221.

The truck was unoccupied.

According to a trooper with the N.C. Highway Patrol, charges will be filed against the truck’s owner. No other details were available.

Only 15 minutes later between Warrensville and Lansing on U.S. 194, the Warrensville Volunteer Fire Department was called to the scene of a one-vehicle accident.

According to those on the scene, the unidentified driver of a GMC Sierra lost control of the truck while driving to school and slammed into an embankment coming to rest on its side.

A passenger in the truck was taken to Ashe Memorial Hospital. Those on the scene said the passenger was taken as a precautionary measure and that his or her injuries did not appear serious.

Only minutes later, rescue personnel were called out in Jefferson for a minor two-vehicle accident. There were no injuries.

As more information becomes available about the accident currently being worked in Lansing, this story will be updated.