At the right place at the right time

Kay HartSpecial to the Post

December 5, 2012

So many times blessings come to you so unexpected, that you just have to wonder if it just boils down to being in the right place at the right time. That’s what happened to Rev. and Mrs. Silas Hart, the pastor and his wife of Cox’s Grove Baptist Church.

The pair had just left Forest Ridge Assisted Living Facility in West Jefferson, where the choir from their church had spent time singing Christmas carols, and sharing small care gifts with the residents. After debating a few minutes about where they should go to get a quick meal, the couple ended up Woodhaven Restaurant in Jefferson.

During their meal, two men approached the couple asking if they were from the area and if they knew of any one their group could bless. It turns out, that the men were a part of a small 4-H group from Moore County. The mentors of the group, Pastor Larry Russell and Rev. Dunn of Holy Way Church, Eagle Springs, wanted the small group of youth to spend some time away from computers, cell phones, and the television and radio, and learn how really blessed they were.

One thing led to another, and the couple invited them to come to church the following Sunday morning. And come they did. The entire group of 18 individuals entered through the church doors with bags of goodies; toys for children, groceries and a crisp $100 bill - all for the needy of the church.

Pastor Russell of Greater Faith Church, Biscoe said, “We came to Ashe County looking to bless someone, but we were the ones that received a blessing.”

Rev. Hart said to his congregation, “Sometimes getting your blessing comes down to be being in the right place at the right time.”