Ashe County District Court rulings

Staff report

December 6, 2012

The weekly session of the Ashe County District Court was held on Dec. 6-7, with the honorable judges David B. Byrd and Michael Duncan presiding.

These decisions were handed down by the court:

Benjamin Cale Blevins: (M) carrying concealed weapon, (J) guilty, gun turned over for destruction, CC. (M) simple possession schedule IV controlled substance, guilty, six months probation, 48 hours CWS, $200 fine plus CC. (M) possession schedule II controlled substance, guilty, contraband destroyed.

Brian Wesley Bowlin: (T) driving with license revoked, (P) no contest, $50 fine plus CC.

Billy Keith Church: (M) possession of marijuana up to 1/2 oz., dismissed. (M) possession of drug paraphernalia, (P) guilty, 45 days suspended, 12 months unsupervised probation, 36 hours CWS, $100 fine plus CC.

Vernon Ralph Holman: (M) larceny, (P) no contest, 45 days suspended, 18 months unsupervised probation, pay $30 restitution.

Kathy Louise Hopkins: (M) shoplifting concealment of goods, (J) guilty, 24 hours CWS, CC, PJC.

Cheryl Ann Jones: (M) larceny, (P) no contest, 24 hours CWS, pay restitution $39.95, CC, PJC.

Terry Allen Rash: (T) Driving while impaired, (P) guilty, 1 year min/max, 36 months probation, $400 fine plus CC. (T) failure to comply with license restrictions, $100 fine. (T) civil revocation of DL.

Richard Dale Testerman: (T) driving with license revoked, (P) no contest, 45 days suspended, 18 months supervised probation, $200 fine plus CC.

Garrett Lee Hall: (M) assault on a female, (P) not guilty, (J) guilty, PJC 18 months.

Marshel L. Lawrence: (M) assault on a female, PJC 18 months, CC.

Brent Cecil Miller: (M) assault on a female, (P) no contest, 45 days.

Wesley Adam Randall: (M) assault on a female, (P) no contest, PJC 18 months, CC.

Abbreviations: (M) misdemeanor, (F) felony, (T) traffic violation, (J) judgment, (P) plea, PJC: prayer for judgment continued, MCP: Ashe County Sheriffs Office Misdemeanant Confinement Program, ACJ: Ashe County Jail, CWS: community work service, PO: probation officer, CC: court costs, DL: drivers license, MV: motor vehicle, cons.: charges consolidated