Ashe wins two at Alleghany

Nathan HamSports

December 11, 2012

Ashe competed in a team tournament at Alleghany last weekend, and picked up two victories in its four matches. The Huskies beat Alleghany and Grayson County but lost to West Lincoln and Bandys.

Bandys 45, Ashe 30

106: John Foster (Bandys) defeated Andrew Tedder (Ashe) by a 7-3 decision.

113: Jacob Weaver (Ashe) pinned Jonathan Ramsey (Bandys) in 36 seconds.

120: No match

126: Bodi Miller (Ashe) won via forfeit.

132: Jesse Oliver (Bandys) pinned Wiley Dillard (Ashe) in 24 seconds.

138: Camron Crowe (Bandys) won via forfeit.

145: Timothy Lunsford (Bandys) pinned Chase Conner (Ashe) in 13 seconds.

152: Michael Elliott (Ashe) pinned Jevon McCorkle (Bandys) at 3:31.

160: Rhett Starnes (Bandys) won via forfeit.

170: Andrew Brotherton (Bandys) pinned Joshua Hamilton (Ashe) in 13 seconds.

182: Justin Scarborough (Ashe) pinned Jeff Tuckey (Bandys) at 3:42.

195: Anthony Christopher (Bandys) pinned William Miller (Ashe) at 1:36.

220: Zac Whisnant (Bandys) pinned Mitchell Brown (Ashe) at 1:50.

285: Jason Baker (Ashe) pinned Eddie Mote (Bandys) at 1:51.

West Lincoln 51, Ashe 27

106: Dale Morris (West) pinned Tedder (Ashe) at 1:04.

113: Weaver (Ashe) pinned Harley Morrison (West) in 37 seconds.

120: Nate Mault (West) won via forfeit.

126: B. Miller (Ashe) defeated Hunter Carpenter (West) by a 7-2 decision.

132: Ivan McCormick (West) pinned Dillard (Ashe) in 47 seconds.

138: Nathan Ward (West) won via forfeit.

145: Clay Alguire (West) won via forfeit.

152: Elliott (Ashe) pinned Dustin Headrick (West) at 1:50.

160: Tommy Harkey (West) won via forfeit.

170: Michael McSwain (West) defeated Hamilton (Ashe) by a 6-3 decision.

182: Shawn Baker (Ashe) pinned Dalton Scronce (West) at 5:54.

195: Mack George (West) defeated W. Miller (Ashe)

220: Tyler Clinton (West) pinned Brown (Ashe) at 1:03.

285: Baker (Ashe) pinned Bronson Pendleton (West) in 17 seconds.

Ashe 57, Grayson County (Va.) 12

106: Tedder (Ashe) defeated Jacob Hale (Grayson) by a 10-7 decision.

113: Weaver (Ashe) won via forfeit.

120: No match

126: Dillard (Ashe) won via forfeit.

132: B. Miller (Ashe) won via forfeit.

138: Gavin Bailey (Grayson) won via forfeit.

145: Worth Carrico (Grayson) won via forfeit.

152: Elliott (Ashe) pinned Hunter Rector (Grayson) at 1:01.

160: No match

170: Hamilton (Ashe) pinned Micah Cowley (Grayson) at 1:00.

182: S. Baker (Ashe) pinned Thomas Buchanan (Grayson) in 59 seconds.

195: W. Miller (Ashe) won via forfeit.

220: Brown (Ashe) pinned Timothy Moore (Grayson) at 1:05.

285: J. Baker (Ashe) pinned Andrew Parnell (Grayson) in 59 seconds.

Ashe 47, Alleghany 30

106: Tedder (Ashe) won via forfeit.

113: Weaver (Ashe) won via forfeit.

120: No match

126: Ty Franklin (Alleghany) pinned Dillard (Ashe) at 1:25.

132: B. Miller (Ashe) pinned Josh Cochran (Alleghany) at 4:43.

138: Braxton Blevins (Alleghany) won via forfeit.

145: Conner (Ashe) won via forfeit.

152: Elliott (Ashe) defeated Kendric Pulliam (Alleghany) by a 15-0 technical fall.

160: Logan Allen (Alleghany) won via forfeit.

170: Jake Hampton (Alleghany) pinned Hamilton (Ashe) in 47 seconds.

182: Scarborugh (Ashe) won via forfeit.

195: W. Miller (Ashe) won via forfeit.

220: Taylor Nester (Alleghany) pinned Brown (Ashe) at 3:01.

285: J. Baker (Ashe) won via forfeit.

The Huskies now sit at 7-7 overall. Ashe will travel to North Iredell on Saturday for the annual North Iredell Invitational.