Ashe competes at North Iredell Invitational

Nathan HamSports

December 18, 2012

Last Saturday marked the annual North Iredell Raider Invitational, a tournament that the Huskies have traveled to for the last few years.

The tournament featured grapplers from seven schools and several competitors who reached the state tournament last season.

Individual results for the Huskies are as follows:

106: Troy Edwards (Statesville) pinned Andrew Tedder (Ashe) at 1:50.

106: Jose Aguilar (North Wilkes) pinned Tedder (Ashe) at 4:52.

113: Garrett Winebarger (South Iredell) pinned Jacob Weaver (Ashe) at 1:35.

113: Weaver (Ashe) pinned John Benge (Statesville) in 33 seconds.

113: Lucas Smoot (North Wilkes) defeated Weaver (Ashe) by an 11-3 major decision.

120: Shawn Papazis (West Iredell) pinned Carter Calhoun (Ashe) at 3:01.

120: Calhoun (Ashe) pinned Zach Felts (North Wilkes) in 35 seconds.

126: Logan Pavia (West Iredell) pinned Bodi Miller (Ashe) at 1:17.

126: B. Miller (Ashe) pinned Jason Lopez (West Wilkes) at 4:13.

126: Zachary Hubbard (South Iredell) defeated B. Miller by a 13-3 major decision.

132: Terrance Edwards (Statesville) pinned Wiley Dillard (Ashe) in 27 seconds.

132: Jim Beltran (West Wilkes) pinned Dillard (Ashe) in 56 seconds.

145: Michael Elliott (Ashe) defeated Seth Bridgeman (West Iredell) by a 9-3 decision.

145: Elliott (Ashe) defeated Ben Brown (Statesville) by an 8-3 decision.

152: Drew Sturgill (West Wilkes) pinned Chase Conner (Ashe) at 3:21.

152: Nakendrick Clark (Statesville) pinned Conner (Ashe) in 24 seconds.

160: Joshua Hamilton (Ashe) pinned Jacob Goode (Statesville) at 1:36.

160: Jared Nicholson (West Iredell) pinned Hamilton (Ashe) at 3:49.

160: Tyler Billings (West Wilkes) defeated Hamilton (Ashe) by an 8-6 decision.

170: Lucas Miller (Ashe) defeated Ethan Cramm (South Iredell) by a 5-0 decision.

170: L. Miller (Ashe) defeated Haydin Sutphin (West Wilkes) by a 1-0 decision.

182: Justin Scarborough (Ashe) defeated Duey Kilby (West Wilkes) by an 11-3 major decision.

182: Scarborough (Ashe) pinned Garrett Harshbarger (North Iredell) at 3:07.

195: William Miller (Ashe) pinned Wayne Heath (West Iredell) in 54 seconds.

195: W. Miller (Ashe) pinned T.J. Davis (North Iredell) at 1:46.

220: Tyler Flowers (South Iredell) defeated Mitchell Brown (Ashe) by a 3-2 decision.

220: Brown (Ashe) defeated Cody Roe (West Wilkes) by a 12-8 decision.

220: Brown (Ashe) pinned Tyrek Allison (Statesville) at 2:01.

220: Flowers (South Iredell) pinned Brown (Ashe) at 2:50.

285: Ethan Sheets (West Wilkes) pinned Jason Baker (Ashe) at 1:03.

285: Cody Coley (West Iredell) pinned Baker (Ashe) at 2:06.

Ashe individual records, as of Dec. 15

Jason Baker, 10-5

Shawn Baker, 3-1

Mitchell Brown, 11-10

Carter Calhoun, 10-5

Logan Chittick, 0-11

Chase Conner, 2-9

Wiley Dillard, 2-18

Michael Elliott, 23-0

Irie Hall, 2-2

Joshua Hamilton, 4-7

Matthew Hamilton, 1-1

Bodi Miller, 8-11

Lucas Miller, 11-1

William Miller, 15-3

Justin Scarborough, 16-1

Andrew Tedder, 8-12

Jacob Weaver, 10-10

Jacob Woods, 4-3