Baby New Year

Dylan LightfootStaff

January 6, 2013

James Howell | Jefferson Post

It’s official. The first baby born in Ashe County in 2013 is Brayden Riley Paisley. Brayden is seen here with his mother, Linda Paisley, while R.N. Kim Testerman (left) and M.D. Mindy Wonsick (right) pose for a picture. Brayden was born at 9:53 a.m. on Jan. 3, 2013, with a birth weight of 5.1 pounds and a length of 18.5 inches. Brayden’s grandparents are Mary and Greg Paisley, and he has two aunts, Brittany and Jessica Paisley. The OB nurses at Ashe Memorial Hospital provided a gift basket for Brayden to celebate the first birth of the year.