John Howell sentenced to 60 months in prison

Staff Report

February 17, 2013

John Wayne Howell, of Warrensville, was sentenced to 60 months imprisonment on Wednesday, Feb. 6, in relation to his cousin’s, Robbie Howell’s, 2010 conviction on interstate domestic violence and kidnapping charges.

After John Howell’s 60 month prison sentenced, he will also face three years of supervised probation and is also required to participate in mental health and domestic violence programs, according to the deputy clerk.

The deputy clerk also said John Howell will be responsible for paying a restitution of $15,706.31, filed jointly with his cousin, and a $100 court fee.

Howell was remanded to the custody of the U.S. Marshalls after he was arrested by ACSO deputies on federal charges of conspiracy to commit a crime of violence, kidnapping, and aggravated assault on Dec. 2011.

John Howell was present when Robbie Howell assaulted his wife, Deanna, during a six-day long-distance trucking trip in Nov. 2008, according to Ashe County Sheriff James Williams over one year ago.

Robbie Howell punched his wife with his fists after she denied having an affair, according to court documents.

The couple’s then two-year-old daughter witnessed the assault and begged Robbie to stop.

In an effort to prevent future beatings, Deanna admitted to an extramarital affair.

At this point, Robbie Howell asked his co-driver and cousin, John Howell, for a Maglight flashlight. John was driving during this particular beating. Robbie used the flashlight to strike Deanna on her head, knees and legs.

Robbie Howell was convicted in Aug. 2010 and sentenced to more than 20 years in federal prison.

“(John) Howell is Robbie’s cousin, that was with them during the assaults and did nothing to stop it,” said Williams a year ago. “He did nothing to intervene and help this poor woman and her child.”