Four wrestlers make all-conference team

Nathan HamSports

March 10, 2013

Four Ashe County wrestlers were named to the all-conference team with three others making it on the honorable mention list.

Andrew Tedder, Michael Elliott, Lucas Miller and William Miller were all Mountain Valley All-Conference performers. Justin Scarborough, Matthew Hamilton and Mitchell Brown were named to the honorable mention list.

MVAC All-Conference wrestlers:

Brandon Reynolds (West Wilkes)

Andrew Tedder (Ashe County)

Lucas Smoot (North Wilkes)

Juan Castro (Wilkes Central)

Ty Franklin (Alleghany)

Casey Willis (West Wilkes)

Jake St. Germain (West Wilkes)

Storm Long (Forbush)

Zack Prevette (East Wilkes)

Justin St. Germain (West Wilkes)

Dustin Huffman (West Wilkes)

Derek Woodie (East Wilkes)

Jorge Lima (West Wilkes)

Michael Elliott (Ashe County)

Cody Mathis (East Wilkes)

Dylan Adams (Wilkes Central)

Evan Adams (Wilkes Central)

Branch Benton (Starmount)

Lucas Miller (Ashe County)

Hayden Sutphin (West Wilkes)

William Miller (Ashe County)

Michael Wood (Starmount)

Zack Faircloth (East Wilkes)

Dylan Edwards (Forbush)

Taylor Nester (Alleghany)

Steve Byers (Wilkes Central)

Eithen Sheets (West Wilkes)

Kassain Tillman (Wilkes Central)

Honorable mention:

Isaac Catalan (Wilkes Central)

Phoenix Collins (Elkin)

Dennis Hernandez (Wilkes Central)

Cody Leonard (Starmount)

Marco Fuentes (Starmount)

Matthew Hamilton (Ashe County)

Parker Ward (Wilkes Central)

Drew Sturgill (West Wilkes)

Dustin Wagoner (North Wilkes)

Luke Johnson (North Wilkes)

Dylan Gentry (Elkin)

Justin Scarborough (Ashe County)

Mitchell Brown (Ashe County)

Dakota Bell (North Wilkes)