Volleyball camps a big success

By Nathan Ham

July 22, 2013

Several volleyball players across the county have been busy the last few weeks with the Player’s Edge and Queens of the Court volleyball camps at Ashe County High School.

The Player’s Edge camp was a two-day event for high school players in grades nine through 12 that saw 22 campers, including nine freshmen, attend.

Campers worked on the key fundamentals of the sport such as passing, serving, setting and spiking. Players also learned the different positions on the court and proper rotations.

The camp was directed by Catawba College head coach Ginger Hamric.

“Coach Hamric did an excellent job with the players. She worked on basic skills with the beginners but also challenged our more seasoned players with advanced skills like jump serving,” said ACHS varsity head coach Lindsey Williams. “The girls were all excited. We have a lot of good athletes coming out.”

This camp featured a pair of competitions for the athletes to play which included pepper and triples. The pepper champions were Elaina Bassett, Alexis Parks and Lynsey Aldridge. The triples champs were Kendall McDaniel, Brooke Brown, Corinne Jones and Bailey Everhart.

Later on, Coach Williams hosted her own camp at the high school, Queens of the Court.

The camp lasted for three days and had girls show up anywhere from fourth grade through 10th grade. A total of 57 players came to camp.

Fourth through sixth graders took part in the morning session where they were introduced to volleyball and learned the basic form and footwork for serves, passes, sets, hits and blocks.

In the afternoon, seventh through 10th graders took the court. Campers worked on repeating the correct forms using skills they had already learned, as well as developing their team games and learning about game strategy.

“We had a good mix of middle and high school girls that are pretty new to the sport but showed a lot of improvement in just a few days,” said Coach Williams. “There are some very athletic girls in every grade and I can’t wait to see how they progress over the next few years.

Awards were handed out on the final day of camp that included four awards for the morning session and six awards for the afternoon session.

Serving champions: Skyler Vannoy (fourth grade), Hallie Treva (fifth-sixth grade), Lily Lyall (seventh-eighth grade) and Haley Phipps (ninth-10th grade).

Passing champions: Skyler Vannoy (fourth grade), Kenadie Hudler (fifth-sixth grade), Macy Spencer (seventh-eighth grade) and Bailey Everhart (ninth-10th grade).

Setting champions: Jordan Jones (fourth grade), Kenadie Hudler (fifth-sixth grade), Ashlyn Jones (seventh-eighth grade) and Bailey Everhart (ninth-10th grade).

Pepper champions (fourth-sixth grade): Aslynn Jones, Sarah Harris, Ada Jones, Kaley Rupard, Ashley Dollar, Allison Brown and Skyler Vannoy.

Triples champions (seventh-eighth grade): Morgan Shatley, Macy Spencer and Madeline Joines.

Triples champions (ninth-10th grade): Bailey Everhart, Haley Phipps and Brooke Brown.

Best Camper award: Hallie Treva (sixth grade), Maggie Knight (seventh grade) and LeeAnn Richardson (10th grade).

Coach Williams wanted to thank the campers and parents, as well as the high school, K&K Stitch & Screen, Hobby Barn and Ashe County Cheese for making the volleyball camps a big success.