Ashe Humane Society offers thanks

November 7, 2013

Dear Editor,

Ashe Humane Society would like to thank the community and Animal Hospital of Ashe for its support of the $5 Fix Spay/Neuter Campaign. With the funds raised to match the grant from Friends of Ashe County Animals, we were able to issue 45 spay/neuters in the month of October.

Not only will these 45 pets be healthier and better adjusted, their owners will not be burdened with the considerable expense and responsibility of unwanted litters. Also, the county will not be burdened with the thousands of cats and dogs that these pets could produce over the next several years.

While the $5 Fix funds have been depleted, we still offer low cost spay/neuter vouchers. Preventing unwanted litters is a major goal of Ashe Humane Society.

Our shelters are overburdened, especially with kittens and cats. When you are ready, willing and able to bring a new family member into your heart and home, please save a life and adopt from a shelter or rescue organization. Thank you.

Jill Ferguson

Ashe Humane Society