Lansing creek to become restoration project

By Hannah Myers - [email protected]

LANSING —The creek running through the Lansing Creeper Trail Park could become part of a restoration project thanks to the efforts of Foggy Mountain Nursery.

Plans to stabilize the creek were discussed during the Lansing Board of Aldermen meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 10 when Glenn Sullivan, Jocelyn Lucas and Tom Davis of Foggy Mountain Nursery presented the design for the project.

According to Sullivan, the project would help stabilize the creek and prevent damaging flooding to the park and could help increase economic development in Lansing. Sullivan also announced that Foggy Mountain Nursery will be providing the project design to the town of Lansing for free.

According to Davis, the design would help prevent destruction to the planned Green Way trail which is part of the Lansing Creeper Trail Park expansion project. Davis said that because of it’s close proximity to the creek, it could be damaged by flood waters.

“It may be this event, the next event or it may be ten years down the road, but eventually its going to eat at the trail,” Davis said. “We need to stabilize the banks.”

Davis explained that his design would place boulders weighing two tons on each side of the creek to push water pressure away from the banks, keeping the pressure to the creek’s center.

The group has also been working to find funding sources and grants that can be used for the project.

According to Sullivan, funds could possibly come from organizations such as U.S. Fish and Wildlife, North Carolina Wildlife Resources or New River Conservancy. The decision will come after a meeting on Dec. 3, when the interested organizations will meet to discuss the project at Lansing town hall.

Sullivan said all the organizations have money targeted for projects similar to this. He said some have money aimed to improve water quality or stream control while others focus on enhancing fish habitats to bring sport fishing to the area.

Sullivan stressed to board members that the organizations could possibly want to have the project redesigned and have new blue prints drawn identical to the ones already presented by Foggy Mountain Nursery which Sullivan says could cost thousands of dollars.

“A lot of money can be wasted on reinventing the wheel,” Sullivan said. “We need to be savvy with our money and use this money for the point that its meant to be which is to make Lansing better.”

Sullivan said he hopes that the project could begin soon and possibly happen simultaneously with park expansion construction which recently kicked off with a ground breaking on Sept. 22.

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By Hannah Myers

[email protected]

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