Here’s who is scheduled to be in district court this week

(Photo submitted) Ashe County District Court gets underway July 1, 2016, in Jefferson.

The following cases are scheduled to be heard in Ashe County District Court beginning July 1, 2016.

Ashley Amber Bare: misdemeanor larceny

Tiffeny Louise Bare: misdemeanor larceny

Robert Blevins: assault by pointing a gun

Gavin Call: simple assault

Travis Kent Casimir: assault with a deadly weapon, simple assault, injury to personal property

Kenneth Brian Cleary: first deg tresp enter/remain, first deg tresp enter/remain, aid & abet larceny (m)

Jason Dean Cockerham: failure to pay monies

Charles Frankli Cribbs: simple assault

Christopher Mic Darden: show cause, misdemeanor larceny

Heather Dawn Dishman: failure to pay monies

Jacob Lonnie Eastridge: failure to pay monies

Gregory Kelly Ellison: assault on a female, assault by pointing a gun

Esequiel Gonzalez: assault on a female

Jeremy Daniel Green: failure to pay monies, failure to pay monies

Kristy Romans Greene: harassing phone call

Erica Lynn Hargrove: misdemeanor larceny

Scott Michael Harmon: injury to personal property, assault on a female

Stephanie Beshear Hart: misdemeanor larceny, failure to pay monies

Amber Lynn Holman: injury to real property

Danny Mack Horton: injury to real property, injury to personal property

Barry Edwin Houck: assault on a female, harassing phone call

Margie Tuell Houck: harassing phone call, harassing phone call

Kenneth Alan Johnson: assault handicapped person

Cynthia Le Kapp-Foster: lar remove/dest/dea ct compo, obtain property false pretense, second degree trespass

Ashley Laws: failure to pay monies

Keith Bynum Laws: assault inflict serious inj(m), communicating threats

Brian L Maine: injury to personal property

Ronald Trey Maxwell: failure to pay monies

Carolyn McGlamery: Two counts failure to pay monies

Carl McMellon: communicating threats

Eric Medley: simple assault

Heather Myers: failure to pay monies

Zachary William Nixon: misdemeanor larceny

Douglas Raymond Owens: failure to pay monies

Ray Anthony Pritchard: assault on a female

Ricky Lee Pruitt: two counts communicating threats

Karin Anne Reese: second degree trespass

Deborah Kay Solinsky: failure to pay monies

Muriel L Stevens: Stevens,muriel,l failure to pay monies

Adam Taylor: second degree trespass, injury to personal property

Catherine A Woodridge: misdemeanor larceny

(Photo submitted) Ashe County District Court gets underway July 1, 2016, in Jefferson. submitted) Ashe County District Court gets underway July 1, 2016, in Jefferson.
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