Here’s who’s scheduled to be in district court this week

By Adam Orr - [email protected]

The following cases are scheduled to be heard in Ashe County District Court beginning Nov. 10, 2016.

Anthony Shane Anderson: Driving while impaired, dwlr impaired rev, civil revocation dr lic (30), probation violation, speeding, dwlr aft impaired rev notice, second degree trespass, misdemeanor larceny, assault on a female, unsafe tires

Ricky O’neal Barnes: Speeding, dwlr not impaired rev

Preston Joel Bingham: Dwlr not impaired rev, possess drug paraphernalia, simple possess sch vi cs (m)

Robert Blevins: Assault by pointing a gun, pwimsd methamphetamine, sell methamphetamine, deliver methamphetamine, maintn veh/dwell/place cs (f), possess drug paraphernalia

Skylar Alexand Branson: Felonious restraint, reckless driving to endanger, fail to heed light or siren, resisting public officer, flee/elude arrest w/mv (f), assault by pointing a gun, communicating threats, poss marij >1/2 to 1 1/2 oz, possess stolen firearm, hit/run leave scene prop dam, simple assault, assault with a deadly weapon, possess marijuana up to 1/2 oz, possess marij paraphernalia, dis weap occ dwell/moving veh, fail to report accident, fail maintain lane control

Santiago Cabrera: Driving while impaired, no operators license, civil revocation dr lic (30)

Christopher Carpenter: Aid & abet larceny (m)

Andrea Hodges Combs: Possess drug paraphernalia

Dennis Duane Combs: No operators license, give/lend/borrow lic plate, operate veh no ins, drive/allow mv no registration

Justin Lee Cox: Misd prob viol out of county

Jessica Louise Darden: Att second degree trespass

Brittney Nicole Dayton: Unsafe passing yellow line, reckless drvg-wanton disregard

Joseph Francis Drauss: Driving while impaired, poss opn cnt/cons alc psg area, civil revocation dr lic (30)

James Hawkens Flanagan: Exceeding posted speed, unsafe tires

Jennifer Lynn Galloway: Trafficking, opium or heroin

Debbie Lynn Galvan: Dwlr not impaired rev

Christopher Ric Greene: Dwlr impaired rev, fict/alt title/reg card/tag, expired/no inspection, drive/allow mv no registration

Daniel Lee Greer: Possess methamphetamine, pwimsd methamphetamine, possess drug paraphernalia

John Lyne Hambright: Driving while impaired, hit/run leave scene prop dam, unsafe tires

Kevin O’Brian Hamilton: speeding

Timothy Curtis Harless: Two counts probation violation, four counts misdemeanor larceny, breaking and or entering (f), larceny after break/enter

Justin Paul Holdaway: Two counts sell methamphetamine, two counts deliver methamphetamine, four counts pwimsd methamphetamine, conspire traffic methamphetamine, false bomb report public bldg

Jana Howell: Dwlr not impaired rev, no operators license

Claude Jordan: Operate veh no ins, dwlr not impaired rev

Brandon Malcom Leming: Four counts first degree sex offense child, four counts indecent liberties with child

Christopher Thoma Lyle: Simple possess sch vi cs (m), possess drug paraphernalia, driving while impaired, expired registration card/tag, expired/no inspection

Luis David Macedo: Speeding, dwlr not impaired rev

Jerry Lee Martin: Injury to personal property, breaking and or entering (f), larceny after break/enter, poss stolen goods/prop (f), break or enter a motor vehicle, felony larceny, possession of firearm by felon

Bryer Gage Matheson: Drive after consuming < 21, poss opn cnt/cons alc psg area, rear lamps violation

Crystal Lynn Maxwell: Simple assault, failure to pay monies, six counts breaking and or entering (f), six counts larceny after break/enter, possession of firearm by felon, dwlr not impaired rev, fail to secure passen under 16

Jeffery Neil McCoy: Pwimsd methamphetamine, possess methamphetamine, possess drug paraphernalia

Michael Roy McCoy: Pwimsd methamphetamine, possess methamphetamine, possess drug paraphernalia

Andrew Noblett: Assault on a female

Trevor Swade Nunn: Expired registration card/tag, expired/no inspection, dwlr not impaired rev, misdemeanor stalking, communicating threats, assault govt official/emply, unsafe tires

Manuel Santiago Ramos: No operators license, poss mtbv/u-wn not 19/20, driving while impaired, drive after consuming < 21, civil revocation dr lic (30)

Miguel Angel Ramos: Dwlr not impaired rev, drive left of center

Nikki Renee Romans: Simple assault, operate veh no ins, drive/allow mv no registration

David Cabrera Santiago: Resisting public officer, poss opn cnt/cons alc psg area

Melanie Raynell Severt: Possess drug paraphernalia, simple possess sch ii cs (m)

Orrin James Shatley: Speeding, dwlr not impaired rev, expired/no inspection

Logan Jacob Sheets: Resisting public officer

Avery Allen Simmons: Dwlr not impaired rev, federal safety inspect viol

April Danielle Snow: Permit operation veh no ins

Kevin Michael Tracy: Second degree trespass

Destiny Simone Travis: Allow unlicensed to drive, fail stop stopsign/flsh red lt, drive left of center

Nathan Landon Woodie: Possess marijuana up to 1/2 oz, possess marij paraphernalia, possess drug paraphernalia

By Adam Orr

[email protected]

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