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Dear editor,

I have always had respect for a president no matter what party, but President Obama is so disengaged. He claims he knows nothing about all the scandals that have taken place but tells the American people he will get to the bottom of it all. How can it be that President Obama is the last to know anything that goes wrong in his administration? He never takes responsibility or holds anyone accountable.

In Obama’s campaign, he said it was a disgrace that President Bush had allowed our country to get in debt $7 trillion and that our children would inherit this enormous debt. We are now in debt $17 trillion and he says it is not a big deal. He is the first president that has tried to pass a law that would give him power for unlimited debt. How scary is this? He is selling us out.

When he campaigned for president, he said he would take the budget line by line and cut wasteful spending. He said he would get rid of the lobbyists. They have had more visits to the White House than anyone and he has even hired several of them. He promised change and it is coming faster than we had hoped. He didn’t tell us how bad the change would be.

Obama’s objective is socialism. He has said he doesn’t think we should be a superpower. He tried to befriend other countries and they now have no respect or fear of us because they know Obama isn’t going to stand up to them.

He has taken credit for killing Bin Laden. The Navy Seals did that. He said Al Qaeda is on the run and they are stronger than ever. There is now a war against Christians.

America was founded on God and the government is trying to take God out of everything—“In God We Trust.” We are not allowed to speak out against these evils happening today because we may offend someone. There are Christians being persecuted in other countries and President Obama continues to send aid. He helped to empower the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt who burned churches with Christians inside. This is like a horrible movie and President Obama isn’t even watching. What is he doing?

In the Benghazi killings, he let the ambassador and three others die without sending help. They were pleading for help and he did nothing to help them. It seems that after 5:00 in the afternoon he had no more contact with the officials in charge. The fighting went on all night. Can you imagine a president being so disengaged? He claimed it all came about because of a video against Muslims. He would not call it terrorism. It is now incorrect to use any of these words that will offend the Muslims.

Obama said he knew nothing about the IRS scandal but he would get to the bottom of it. Again, there is no accountability.

President Obama and all of the democrats voted Obama Care or Affordable Health Care into law without a single republican vote. Nancy Pelosi said we would have to vote it in to see what was in it. And now we know!

President Obama said he was looking out for the middle class. He said if we liked our doctors we could keep them period. He said if we liked our insurance we could keep it period. This was just another one of his lies. Five million and counting will lose their insurance come Jan. 1, 2014.

He claimed families would see a savings of $2,400 a year; instead many are seeing their insurance double or even triple in some cases. My husband will have an increase of $1,560 a year which will be a hardship but is minimal to what some will incur. Subsidies that some will receive will cost the rest of us even more in taxes. Talk about oppressing the middle class.

How would Obama like to spend half of his take-home pay on insurance? The doctors and insurance companies don’t know where they stand with Obamacare. Obama has now come out with a disgrace of an apology, still not taking responsibility for the Affordable Health Care mess, which is now unaffordable. Finally, some democratic leaders are speaking out against Obamacare. Could it be because they are up for re-election in 2014? There are many companies cutting back employees and employee hours to 29 because they cannot afford the health coverage for them. How can anyone live on 29 hours a week? Obama doesn’t have a clue.

People are so out of touch with what is going on. They are caught up with the everyday things and do not realize what is happening. Many will vote for their party no matter where it leads us. Wake up don’t let a bad administration destroy our country. Let’s pray that God will spare us once again. He is our only hope.

A conservative Democrat

Carol Spencer


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