Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

With the furor over HB2, none of its critics hit the truth of the matter: HYPOCRISY! The evangelists and extreme religious zealots keep harping on security. The truth is they really want to make life as difficult as possible for the LGBT community.

1. Pedophiles are invariably heterosexual males.

2. Transsexuals would lock themselves in a stall to avoid embarrassment or being beaten up, depending on which restroom they might be using.

Why can’t the so called Christians that are in favor of this bill be honest and admit to their real motive, or are they ashamed of their bigotry? Why don’t they come out and say what’s really on their minds? Normal people probably wouldn’t be anymore inclined to agree with them but if they were honest they might garner a little more respect.

I have known and worked alongside people of various sexual persuasions and as a heterosexual male, I’ve never experienced any problems. What’s wrong with live and let live?

Mike Sawyer

West Jefferson

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