Letter to the Editor

I just read the front page article about April Eicher winning McDonald’s Outstanding Restaurant Manager Award for the second time. I want to congratulate Ms. Eicher on this achievement and compliment her on her management skills. Good managers are few and far between. Having the ability to lead and direct a group of people and effectively build a cohesive team requires an unusual and special talent not learned in any classroom.

Another top-notch leader we’ve been privileged to have in Ashe County is our recently retired Sheriff, James Williams. My husband and I have followed Sheriff Williams’ career in law enforcement since 1988 when he came to our home as a Deputy Sheriff to investigate a burglary. He did such an outstanding job, going above and beyond anything we would have expected from an investigating officer. We were so impressed that we paid attention when he became Chief of Police in West Jefferson and then years later when he was elected Sheriff of Ashe County. When we saw the huge majority of votes he got we knew we were not the only people impressed with his abilities and work ethics! We were sorry to see Sheriff Williams retire but we had no worries about law enforcement in the county. He had run the Department in such a professional manner, training and developing skilled personnel to replace him.

So a big THANK YOU to both April Eicher and James Williams for your commitment to excellence! You have made Ashe County a better place to live.

Susan Spurlock

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