Thank you for your interest in The Jefferson Post, Ashe County's newspaper of record. Our mission is to serve as the local information resource for those who live, work and play in Ashe County. You are reading this because you are interested in communicating with our readers. But when you evaluate The Jefferson Post, you're not just contemplating an ad buy. You're thinking about joining our community via The Jefferson Post. As a potential advertiser in The Jefferson Post, you will play a vital role in our community cycle. The Jefferson Post provides important local information to our readers. Our readers support our advertisers through their purchases. In turn, our advertisers support The Jefferson Post through their ad buys.

Beyond dollars and cents, think about how your advertising presence in The Jefferson Post gives you instant positive PR. You will be seen by our readers as supporting a community institution.

We welcome you to join the many other businesses and organizations that are already a part of this wonderful community cycle.

Our New Media Programs:

The Jefferson Post has many products to help you reach out to our community through a variety of broad reaching programs like banner ads, and contests, to more targeted options like QR codes, email, and mobile. Our business directory services can be used as a website for your business, a mobile extension of your existing site, and/or as a tool to drive more customers to your site through SEO. We are always looking at ways to harness new technologies to help you find new ways to reach your customers.

Print Advertising:

Reaching nearly 9,000 readers twice each week, The Jefferson Post offers retail advertising space in its pages to access new and existing customers using a competitive rate structure. Contract rates are available.

There are also retail advertising opportunities in our "Total Market Coverage" publication The JP Shopper, which reaches over 5,600 non-subscribing households throughout Ashe County at very affordable rates.

Why should your business advertise in the Jefferson Post?

  • Newspaper advertising costs less per thousand readers than TV, direct mail and radio advertising.

  • Newspaper campaigns require no out-of-pocket costs for creative materials. We'll build your ad for free

  • Newspaper campaigns can be tailored to any budget. The medium offers a variety of ad sizes to fit your budget ad goals, from a one-column-inch ad to two full-page ads side by side called a double-truck.

  • Because newspaper advertising is so affordable, it is an ideal medium to build "top of mind" awareness with frequency campaigns.

Insert Opportunities:

Preprint advertising is an effective, affordable alternative to mail delivery that benefits from the strong brand and credibility of the Jefferson Post. For maximum exposure, combine in-paper insert advertising with our "Total Market Coverage" publication, the Jefferson Post Shopper, which reaches over 5,600 non-subscribing households throughout Ashe County.

Placing Retail Ads:

To place ROP ads, inserts or other retail print products, contact our advertising department:

Placing Classified Ads:

To place automotive, real estate, personal property, employment or other classified ads, please contact our classified department:


To advertise for retail and classified ads in Tuesday's edition of The Jefferson Post, sales end at 3 p.m. on Thursdays

To advertise for retail and classified ads in Friday's edition of The Jefferson Post, sales end at 3 p.m. on Tuesdays

For the JP Shopper, which is distributed on Wednesday of each week, sales end at 4 p.m. Tuesdays.

Call for preprint deadlines.