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Laura Calhoun | Jefferson Post – The Angels took home the 2015 Coach Pitch Softball championship. Team members were: Addison Dollar, Isabella Farmer, Rylee Williams, Addison Williams, Kyra Mullis, Abbigail Wonsick, Vivienne Slabbert, Ava Roten, Callie Williams, Hadleigh Windish, Kelbey Windish and Crystal Church. The team is coached by Dustin Farmer, Josh Williams and Jeff Dollar.

Angels win championship

JEFFERSON — On Saturday, May 30, the Angels and Marlins faced off to decide the winner of the 2015 girls coach pitch softball championship at Family Central.

After a tiring morning for the Angels where they earned their spot in the championship game with a win over the Rockies, the team had to face the Marlins, who finished the season with the top record in the league.

The Angels took the victory over the Marlins, ending the season with a winning score of 18-6 and the coach pitch softball title.

Twilight League Week 3 results

WEST JEFFERSON — Latest results from the 2015 Twilight League hosted by Mountain Aire.

AEV (-1) defeated WJ Chevrolet (-15)

Bureaucrats (17) defeated Badger Funeral Home (-6)

Ashe County Builders (8) defeated Peak Farms (-16)

Mt. Jefferson Motors (3) defeated Furches Evergreens (0)

Scott Brothers (13) defeated GE Aviation (-2)

Mountain Aire (-3) defeated Cardinal Lanes (-14)

Bye week: Day’s Body Shop

Updated standings

Day’s Body Shop: 2-0

Ashe County Builders: 2-1

Bureaucrats: 2-1

Furches Evergreens: 2-1

Mt. Jefferson Motors: 2-1

Scott Brothers: 2-1

WJ Chevrolet: 2-1

Mountain Aire: 1-1

AEV: 1-2

Badger Funeral Home: 1-2

Peak Farms: 1-2

GE Aviation: 0-2

Cardinal Lanes: 0-3

Week 4 schedule

AEV vs. Ashe County Builders

Peak Farms vs. GE Aviation

Mt. Jefferson Motors vs. Mountain Aire

WJ Chevrolet vs. Bureaucrats

Badger Funeral Home vs. Furches Evergreens

Scott Brothers vs. Day’s Body Shop

Bye week: Cardinal Lanes

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