Wrestlers compete in memorial tournament

By Nathan Ham - [email protected]

TAYLORSVILLE — Ashe County traveled to Alexander Central for the annual Caitlyn Price Memorial Tournament on Saturday. The dual team tourney featured 10 teams and the Huskies competed in five different matches, scoring one team win.

Ashe 25, AC Reynolds 24

106: No match

113: No match

120: Tate Miller (Ashe) pinned Thomas Corbin (AC Reynolds).

126: No match

132: Patrick Pierce (AC Reynolds) won by forfeit.

138: Harley Miller (Ashe) pinned Zachary Karaken (AC Reynolds).

145: Griffin Thomas (AC Reynolds) won by forfeit.

152: John Reavis (Ashe) pinned Kristian Miller (AC Reynolds).

160: No match

170: Gabriel Alegrias (AC Reynolds) pinned Tanner Kilby (Ashe)

182: Zachariah Bare (Ashe) pinned Stephen Andrews (AC Reynolds).

195: No match

220: John Tatham (AC Reynolds) won by forfeit.

285: No match

Fred T. Foard 80, Ashe 0

106: Jake Santolli (Foard) won by forfeit.

113: Isaac Hollar (Foard) won by forfeit.

120: Nick Kaufmann (Foard) pinned T. Miller (Ashe) in 1:02.

126: Cole Riggs (Foard) won by forfeit.

132: Caleb Hart (Foard) won by forfeit.

138: Brycen Walker (Foard) pinned H. Miller (Ashe) in 1:00.

145: Brandon Sutton (Foard) won by forfeit.

152: Allen Pyatte (Foard) defeated Reavis (Ashe) by a 5-3 decision.

160: Kalub Stone (Foard) won by forfeit.

170: Austin Schneider (Foard) pinned Kilby (Ashe) in 1:40.

182: John Kanipe (Foard) defeated Bare (Ashe) by a 15-0 technical fall.

195: Tate Bumgarner (Foard) won by forfeit.

220: Cameron Wilfong (Foard) won by forfeit.

285: Quan Wilson (Foard) won by forfeit.

West Wilkes 69, Ashe 6

106: William Walker (West) won by forfeit.

113: Dakota Roark (West) won by forfeit.

120: Rylee Billings (Wes) pinned T. Miller (Ashe).

126: No match

132: Cameron Reynolds (West) won by forfeit.

138: Ethan Call (West) pinned H. Miller (Ashe).

145: Noah Dancy (West) won by forfeit.

152: Hunter Piepenbrok (West) defeated Reavis (Ashe) by a 12-6 decision.

160: Chandler Adams (West) won by forfeit.

170: Stefan Wagoner (West) pinned Kilby (Ashe).

182: Bare (Ashe) won by forfeit.

195: Jose Cuevas (West) won by forfeit.

220: TJ Brown (West) won by forfeit.

285: Justin Barlow (West) won by forfeit.

Bandys 30, Ashe 16

106: No match

113: No match

120: T. Miller (Ashe) won by forfeit.

126: Colby Teague (Bandys) won by forfeit.

132: No match

138: H. Miller (Ashe) defeated Hunter Hoke (Bandys) by a 13-4 major decision.

145: Sam Hinson (Bandys) won by forfeit.

152: Reavis (Ashe) won by forfeit.

160: No match

170: Blake Teague (Bandys) pinned Kilby (Ashe).

182: Dane Wagner (Bandys) pinned Bare (Ashe).

195: No match

220: No match

285: Kaleb Nicholson (Bandys) won by forfeit.

North Iredell 72, Ashe 12

106: Jay Williams (North Iredell) won by forfeit.

113: Chase Trivette (North Iredell) won by forfeit.

120: T. Miller (Ashe) won by forfeit.

126: Hunter Goodwin (North Iredell) won by forfeit.

132: Timothy Williams (North Iredell) won by forfeit.

138: Daniel Nicholson (North Iredell) pinned H. Miller (Ashe).

145: Josh McCants (North Iredell) won by forfeit.

152: Reavis (Ashe) pinned Darius Johnson (North Iredell).

160: Dawson Sipes (North Iredell) won by forfeit.

170: Tanner Church (North Iredell) pinned Kilby (Ashe).

182: Kaden Eklund (North Iredell) pinned Bare (Ashe).

195: Luke Sipes (North Iredell) won by forfeit.

220: Nicholas Hampton (North Iredell) won by forfeit.

285: Jay Chambers (North Iredell) won by forfeit.

Ashe will host East Wilkes in a Mountain Valley Athletic Conference match on Friday.

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By Nathan Ham

[email protected]

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