Twilight League update

By Nathan Ham - [email protected]

WEST JEFFERSON — Furches Evergreens has a two-match lead in the win column after Monday’s round of Twilight League play at Mountain Aire.

Next week, the top two teams in the standings will face off against each other with Furches Evergreens taking on Day’s Body Shop

Week 7 results

Furches Evergreens (-8) defeated W.J. Chevrolet (-15)

Ashe County Builders (11) defeated Mountain Aire (-3)

Bureaucrats (-4) defeated Day’s Body Shop (-5)

Cardinal Lanes (10) defeated AEV (-3)

Scott Brothers (4) defeated Badger Funeral Home (1)

Peak Farms (7) defeated Mt. Jefferson Motors (-1)

Current regular season standings

1. Furches Evergreens: 6-0-1

2. Day’s Body Shop: 5-2

3. Mountain Aire: 4-2-1

4. Scott Brothers: 4-2-1

5. Mt. Jefferson Motors: 4-3

6. Ashe County Builders: 3-3-1

7. Cardinal Lanes: 3-3-1

8. W.J. Chevrolet: 3-3-1

9. AEV: 3-4

10. Bureaucrats: 2-5

11. Badger Funeral Home: 1-6

12. Peak Farms: 1-6

Week 8 matchups

W.J. Chevrolet vs. Mountain Aire

AEV vs. Mt. Jefferson Motors

Badger Funeral Home vs. Peak Farms

Furches Evergreens vs. Day’s Body Shop

Ashe County Builders vs. Cardinal Lanes

Bureaucrats vs. Scott Brothers

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By Nathan Ham

[email protected]

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