ACSO budget request denied

By Hannah Myers - [email protected]

ASHE COUNTY — Ashe County Sheriff James Williams appeared before the Ashe County Board of Commissioners during their regular meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 8 to make a budgestary request of $40,000.

According to Williams, the $40,000 comes from a contract with the National Geographic show “Southern Justice” which features the Ashe County Sheriffs’ Department. For the show’s second season, the County received $5,000 per episode.

The board voted 3-2 with commissioners Gary Roark, Brien Richardson and Jeff Rose opposing Williams’ requst. Larry Rhodes and William Sands voted in support.

Williams said the money is needed to replace vehicles with high milage.

“If I dont replace so many of them every year, it’s going to come a point in a year or two where im going to need six or seven vehicles at one time,” Williams said. “The reason I was wanting this money is because it’s not taxpayer money.”

Roark stated he would like to save the money for a fire training facility or a new middle school.

“We need to look at saving some money for the citizens of Ashe County,” Roark said.

Following the discussion, Rose made a motion to transfer $30,000 to the sheriffs’ office for a new vehicle which had been set aside to fund a county administration vehicle.

The motion passed in a 5-0 vote.

“Lets keep in mind that we stated in here back in June, if another vehicle is needed, it will be replaced,” Rhodes said to the board following the vote.

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By Hannah Myers

[email protected]

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