Casa Garcia staff told restaurant is closing

WEST JEFFERSON-A popular local Mexican restaurant said this weekend it’s closing its doors.

That’s according to the wait staff at Casa Garcia on Mount Jefferson Road, who said they were told by restaurant management Saturday morning that Sept. 26, would mark the eatery’s final day.

“I couldn’t really believe it when we were told today was it,” according to Sabina Gonzalez, a Casa Garcia waitress. “But our manager said this morning that today is the last day, and that’s so sad.”

Messages left for Casa Garcia ownership weren’t immediately returned, but the restaurant did slash the price of its menu options Saturday in addition to offering $1 drink specials to clear out its remaining inventory.

Gonzalez, who’s worked at Casa Garcia for three years, said the restaurant’s staff wasn’t given a reason for the sudden closure.

“All I know is we won’t be open tomorrow,” Gonzalez said. “I’ll miss everybody here.”

And Casa Garcia customers said they were disappointed at the diner’s abrupt end.

“It sucks and it’s a sad situation,” Casa Garcia customer Mary Kay Rogers said Saturday. “I don’t understand why. We loved the food and we loved our waitresses. There wasn’t a lot of turnover here and the people were great. I’ll definitely miss it.”

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