Election results: Summey, Barr tie in West Jefferson Alderman race

ASHE COUNTY —The results are in for the 2015 Ashe County election. The results will become official next Tuesday at 11 a.m.

Winners are listed in bold.

Jefferson Mayor

  • Mayor-Bluferd W. Eldreth, 34

Jefferson Aldermen

  • Charles Caudill-31 votes
  • Rick Ballou-26 votes
  • Wesley Williams-19 votes

Lansing Mayor

  • Dylan Lightfoot- 19 votes

Lansing Aldermen

  • Jim Blevins-14 votes
  • Michelle Slaton-15 votes
  • Brenda Reeves-10 votes

West Jefferson Mayor

  • Dale Baldwin-100 votes
  • Write in candidates- 14 votes

West Jefferson Aldermen

  • Jerry C. McMillan-82 votes

  • Rusty Barr-77
  • Brett T. Summey, Sr.-77
  • Lester S. Mullis-44 votes

  • Barry Davis-17 votes

Barr and Summey tied for the second open West Jefferson Alderman position. The scenario presents two options.

At least one West Jefferson voter cast a ballot that could determine that race, but the Ashe County Board of Elections have currently listed that as a provisional ballot. The voter in question may not be registered to vote in West Jefferson but the BOE is researching the situation.

If that ballot doesn’t count, then election officials said the race between Barr and Summey would be selected by chance by the Board of Elections.

The Jefferson Post will update with candidate reactions as they become available.

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