Schools: No one injured in early morning bus wreck

LAUREL SPRINGS-No one was injured in an early morning school bus accident on Carson Woods Road in Laurel Springs Tuesday.

That’s according to Ashe County Schools Transportation Director Shea Coldiron, who said bus 1058, driven by long time driver Timmy Billings, likely hit a patch of black ice and impacted an embankment on the bus’s right side. The accident occurred on the Cranberry Creek side of Carson Woods Road, Coldiron said.

Only Billings and one student were on the bus at the time of the accident, and neither were injured in the accident, Coldiron said.

“No one was transported from the scene, just shaken up,” Coldiron said.

The impact did shatter one of the machine’s rear windows, Coldiron said, though the small wreck likely left the bus mechanically sound.

“We think the bus is alright but anytime something like this happens you’ve got to get under it and check everything over really thoroughly,” Coldiron said. “Of course it’ll be down until we get that rear window fixed, but that shouldn’t take long.”

Coldiron said the stretch of road near the accident scene isn’t typically icy this time of year.

“But that’s really a toss up,” Coldiron said. “You’ll go over a dry patch and run into black ice and never know it until you’re on it, so we just really caution everyone to be safe out there and do the best they can.”

The Jefferson Post will update this story when we receive an official report from the North Carolina Highway Patrol.

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