Letter to the Editor: Former Ashe County Commissioner Judy Poe responds to Ken Lynn

Ed. note: The letter to the editor below from Mrs. Poe is a response to a previous Jefferson Post column by Ken Lynn which can be read here. Lynn is not a paid contributor to The Post.

Lo, we have another pronouncement from the “mountain” by Ken Lynn.

Someone once said “tell a lie often enough and people will begin to believe it.”

Ken Lynn is paid to write controversial editorial opinions. Each writer has their own personal agenda. As an editorial writer He can speculate, suggest, infer, all he wants to. Facts are what the writer wants them to be.

I think it speaks volumes that Ken Lynn only attacks me, the lone female, while giving the male commissioners a free pass. No mention of conflict of interest on any commissioners is there. It is very interesting that Ken Lynn knows all these conspiracy theories about me.

I never orchestrated any firing of any county manager. It was a decision made by the individual commissioners. McMillian was 4 to 1. Mitchell 3 to 2. Mitchell was county manager for around 2 years. Not really a “senior” employee. County Manager, commissioners, human resources personnel can only give date hired and date terminated. We had one county manager who did discuss a fired employee with local paper and county ended up being sued. Ken Lynn knows this but chooses to ignore it.

Commission Gary Roark is a good Christian gentleman and has served The citizens of Ashe County well. To say I am his “political mama” is hilarious. Since leaving the post of commissioner, I have never spoke to Commissioners Richardson and Rhodes except to maybe say hello. I have spoke to Commissioner Rose once, Commissioner Roark a few times. I have talked more to Commissioner Sands more than any of the commissioners

I never threatened to fire any county employees. A county employee told me that some employees were going to walk out in support of former county manager. My response was to go ahead and leave, there are many people who would like to have your job. The only person commissioners can hire or fire is the county manager. Only county manager can fire county employees. Again, Ken Lynn knows this but chooses to ignore what doesn’t fit into his little fantasy world.

As to my “finagling” my way on to DSS board. I was one of 3 people who applied to fill one of the 2 positions open. Anyone can apply when there is an opening on any state boards. I did not lobby the commissioners to fire past director of Social Services. Nor has Ken Lynn heard me tell anyone this.

I have heard the current county manager called a bean counter, pencil pusher, micro- manager. The county manager is responsible for the operations of the county, providing the services needed while keeping expenses down. Don’t we expect our county manager to maintain control of county finances? Voters elect commissioners, they hire county manager, who supervised department leaders, who supervise county employees. So why does some department leader think they shouldn’t have to answer to anyone?

I wish I did have the political power here in the county that some people claim I have. – Judy Porter Poe

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