Gov. Pat McCrory drops by AEV

JEFFERSON-American Emergency Vehicles has come a long way since 2008.

Just ask North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory who visited the company’s American Way facility in Jefferson Monday afternoon for the first time since touring the facility in 2008, during his initial bid for the state’s top office.

“The whole time I was taking this tour, your leadership was saying ‘We’ve just got great employees and there is nothing better to hear than that,” McCrory said. “Most of you don’t remember that I came here and toured this facility in 2008. I was trying to learn my way around Ashe County and you all treated me so nice. Coming back now in 2016 – it seems like yesterday I was here and seeing some of the other facilities up on the hill. I can remember being amazed with this place and seeing how the operation is now at work here. You’ve got a little more density inside here than you had in 2008, and a lot more workers than in 2008.”

Check back with the Jefferson Post for full details of McCrory’s visit to AEV.
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