Here’s who was scheduled to be in district court last week

The following cases were scheduled to be heard in Ashe County District Court on Jan. 28, 2016. The Jefferson Post will update with full decisions as they become available.

Angela Je Auton-Miller: expired: Registration card/tag, expired/no inspection, dwlr not impaired rev

Jeremy A Baker: Breaking and or entering (f), larceny after break/enter, obtain property false pretense, obtain property false pretense, expired/no inspection, operate veh no ins, cancl/revok/susp certif/tag, two counts lar remove/dest/dea ct compo, breaking and or entering (f), larceny after break/enter, dwlr not impaired rev, poss/disp alt/fict/revd dr lic, speeding

Gabriel Jacob Bledsoe: Misdemeanor larceny

Benjamin Caleb Blevins: Fail comply lic restrictions

Iris Morris Breece III: Dwlr not impaired rev

Amber Fay Burns: Forgery of instrument, uttering forged instrument

Christopher Carpenter: Fict/alt title/reg card/tag, unsafe tires, operate veh no ins, drive/allow mv no registration, operate veh no ins, drive/allow mv no registration, expired registration card/tag, expired/no inspection

Shasta Lynn Childress: Allow unlicensed to drive, dwlr not impaired rev

Nathaniel Todd Clarke: Misdemeanor death by vehicle, misdemeanor death by vehicle, operate veh no ins, drive left of center, drive/allow mv no registration, expired registration card/tag, operate veh no ins coe,marie: W/c simple $ 179.00

Wretha Allen Marie Coe: Dwlr not impaired rev, drive left of center

Denis Duane Combs: Dwlr not impaired rev, expired registration card/tag, expired/no inspection

Brian Keith Dishman: Sell methamphetamine, deliver methamphetamine, two counts pwimsd methamphetamine, sell methamphetamine, deliver methamphetamine

Gregory A Edney: Two counts obt prop false pret >=$100,000, obt prop false pret >=$100,000

Waylon Randall Foster: Pwisd marijuana, sell/deliver marijuana, deliver marijuana, m/s/d/p cs w/n 1000ft school

Michael James Garvey: Felony larceny

Dallas Lane Goodman: Civil revocation dr lic (30), probation violation

Thomas Scott Greene: Driving while impaired, dwlr impaired rev, civil revocation dr lic (30)

Edwin Bruce Greer Jr: Misdemeanor larceny

Theresa Dianne Guy: Nine counts embezzlement

Rickey Allen Hamm: Simple possess sch ii cs (m)

William Coley Hinson: Fail to wear seat belt-driver, no operators license

Jack Ellsworth Holt: Assault by strangulation, two counts malicious conduct by prisoner

Elizabeth Mich Jackson: dwlr impaired rev

Joseph Chad Jones: Poss stolen goods/prop (f)

Curtis Jerom Kimbrough: Simple possess sch ii cs (m)

Joseph Edward Medley: Fail to wear seat belt-driver, dwlr not impaired rev, drive/allow mv no registration, give/lend/borrow lic plate

Domanique Wesl Medrano: Simple possess sch vi cs (m), possess drug paraphernalia, synth cannabinoid poss<=7g, two counts injury to personal property Dustin Allen Miller: Probation violation

Rolando Montesinos: Identity theft

Theresia Lyn Neese: Larceny by employee

Terry Lamar Oneal: Misdemeanor probation viol

James Clayton Perritt: Expired registration card/tag, dwlr, no liability insurance

Alexis Pena Quintana: Unsafe lane change

Amber Leigh Ranes: Probation violation, simple assault

Jessica Myers Roten: Misdemeanor larceny, injury to personal property, cruelty to animals(f)

Michael Ray Roten: Misdemeanor larceny, cruelty to animals(f)

Seth Aaron Roten: Second degree trespass

John Charles Severt: Dis weap occ dwell/moving veh

John Mark Severt: Aid and abet discharge weapon, assault with a deadly weapon, reckless driving to endanger, unsafe tires, hit/run fail stop prop damage, drive left of center

Mary Jean Sharpe: Larceny by employee

Robert S Shatley: Driving while impaired, fail to wear seat belt-driver, unsealed wine/liq in pass area, exceeding safe speed, drive left of center

Ronny Dale Sheets: Stat rape/sex offn def >=6yr

Allen William Shepherd: Assault on a female

Gustavo Enrique Silva: Unsafe lane change

Tyler Winfield Smith: Alter/remove gun serial number, carrying concealed weapon, simple possess sch vi cs (m), possess drug paraphernalia

Steven Ray Taylor: Abuse disable/elder with inj, communicating threats, assault on a female, kidnapping

Neil Tyler Thompson: Second degree trespass

Angela Lee Turner: Dwlr not impaired rev, cancl/revok/susp certif/tag

Demetrius Vannoy: Assault on a female, failure to pay monies

Ivan Vazquez: Identity theft

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