ACHS student allegedly hits girl, forced to finish remainder of year online

JEFFERSON-An Ashe County High School student will complete the remainder of his senior year courses online after allegedly striking a female student last week.

That’s according to Ashe County High School Principal Jason Krider and Ashe County Sheriff James Williams.

Krider said the incident happened in the hall of the high school on March 24.

“Two young ladies got into an altercation and the boyfriend of one of the girls, in a fit of rage, hit the other girl,” Krider said.

Krider said fights between students usually mandate a five day out-of-school suspension, but said the nature of this incident was more serious than the average high school sparring.

“In this case, because of the age of the students and the fact that a boy hit a female, it goes beyond what we normally deal with,” Krider said.

Krider said the male student in question was charged by the ACSO following the incident, a detail which Williams confirmed by phone last week. The exact charge, however, was not released.

Krider said the male student will finish the remainder of his courses online.

“He was taking all but one of his classes online anyway,” Krider said. “So he’ll have the opportunity to finish those, which is a nice solution that we simply wouldn’t have been able to offer in the past. From that standpoint it worked out better than it might have.”

The Jefferson Post will update with more details as they become available.
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