Creston man pleads guilty to meth charges

JEFFERSON-An Ashe County man will avoid jail time after pleading guilty to delivering methamphetamine during a late night drug transaction at the West Jefferson Walmart in Oct. 2014.

Derek Matthew Frederick, 22, pleaded guilty in superior court Wednesday to delivering methamphetamine and possession of meth.

As part of a plea arrangement, Frederick was sentenced to two separate probationary terms that will run consecutively. In the first judgment, a judge ordered Frederick to a term of 14 to 26 months in the N.C. Department of Corrections. That sentence was suspended for 36 months of supervised probation.

In the second judgment, Frederick was sentenced to six to 17 months in the DOC. That sentence, too, was suspended for a probationary term of 36 months.

As long as he abides by the terms of his probation, Frederick will avoid jail time.

Frederick’s charges originated from a drug transaction that occurred Oct. 9, 2014 in the parking lot of the West Jefferson Walmart.

According to testimony, the Ashe County Sheriff’s Office, State Bureau of Investigation and other narcotic officers were surveilling the vicinity of the retail store when they noticed a white Chevrolet Aveo that was being owned by Michelle Rash.

The district attorney’s office informed the court that Rash was one of the “targets” for investigators that night.

Authorities eventually followed Rash – unbeknownst to her – back to Walmart where they observed two white males exit the vehicle and enter the garden area of the store. A short time later, another male came out of the store and approached a parked Saturn sedan. The man sat in the car for a sort time before exiting the car and entering Walmart, said prosecutors.

Agents later pulled over the Saturn for a traffic offense. The car was being driven by Stephanie Greer Testerman, who gave authorities consent to search the vehicle where they soon found a white envelope containing nearly an ounce of meth.

After she was read her rights, Testerman identified Frederick and his involvement in the preceding transaction. Before the traffic stop, Testerman said she contacted Rash in regards to the drug deal, which was estimated to have a value of $900.

Testerman was also charged for her involvement, but has since passed away, said prosecutors. Rash, however, was charged and remains in federal custody on other convictions.

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