Jefferson Post hits all-time web high

(File photo) The most widely read story - ever - on the was a feature story about the departure of popular local lawman Josh Hopkins from the Ashe County Sheriff’s Office.

WEST JEFFERSON-Thanks to readers like you our website,, recently recorded its best year in history.

The Post’s online portal racked up some 1.979 million pageviews between Aug. 22, 2015 and Aug. 21, 2016. That total is the highest in the history of the and the highest figure recorded by either of Ashe County’s newspapers.

It’s also 40 percent higher than the’s previous one-year best pageview count of 1.4 million set between Aug. 22, 2014-Aug. 21, 2015.

“None of this would have been possible without our readers,” Jefferson Post General Manager Rex Goss said. “Our editorial team has put tremendous emphasis on delivering breaking news as it happens and providing a top notch complement to our print product, and people are responding.”

So what’s the best way to understand a pageview? According to Google, a pageview is a simple way to understand how many times any portion of your website has been accessed or viewed.

“When a visitor hits the back button, a pageview is recorded. When a visitor hits refresh, a pageview is recorded,” according to Google. “Every time a page is opened in the browser, regardless of whether it has been cached, a pageview is recorded.”

April 2016 was The Jefferson Post’s best ever month on the web, recording some 202,000 pageviews in that month alone. Throughout the year, our average pageviews per month topped 164,000.

Here are our top ten web stories of the year by pageviews:

Hopkins to Leave Sheriff’s Office for Carter County-26,150 pageviews

Sept. 28, 2015

Popular Ashe County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Joshua Hopkins told the Jefferson Post he was leaving to take a new job in Carter County, TN.

In his five years as a deputy with the Ashe County Sheriff’s Office, Joshua Hopkins became both a popular reality T.V. personality and a lawman who found himself involved in two fatal shootings in three years.

Sheriff: Viral Facebook Video leads to trespassing charge-14,117 pageviews

Feb. 6, 2016

A local animal rights activist was charged with second degree trespassing on Feb. 5.

Lisa Neyland Delaurentiis Fitzpatrick, 50, of Todd, was charged after videos she allegedly posted to Facebook of a Lansing man’s dogs and property went viral. She was released from the Ashe County Detention Center the same day after posting a $500 secured bond, according to Ashe County Sheriff James Williams.

The charges against Fitzpatrick were later dismissed.

Authorities searching for suspect in double shooting-13,054 pageviews

March 20, 2016

Ashe County Sheriff James Williams advised people in early March to be on the look out for a man authorities said shot two people in Virginia.

Greyling Dwayne “Benny” Davis, 52, of Grayson County, Va. was later arrested and charged.

Opinion: A special kind of ignorance-9,873 pageviews

April 20, 2016

Jefferson Post Guest Columnist Ken Lynn gives his take on what the Ashe County Board of Commissioners support for North Carolina’s controversial HB2 law really means.

Ashe County High Confirms Death of student-9,279 pageviews

Feb. 8, 2016

In early February, Ashe County High School announced the tragic death of Allen Barker, according to a letter released by the school.

Classmates and friends later told the Jefferson Post exactly how hard Barker’s death hit them.

Dog reported Stolen from Daniel Cruz Property-9,017 pageviews

April 10, 2016

In a continuation of the ongoing drama surrounding the Daniel Cruz property in Lansing, in April Ashe County Sheriff James Williams said that one of the dogs owned by Cruz had been reported as stolen.

“(Ashe County Animal Control Director Joe Testerman) called me this morning and said that a pug that had been on the property had been reported as stolen,” Williams said. “I think the chain, the dog, everything was taken. Joe asked us if we’d help and we said sure.”

Though the Ashe County Sheriff’s Office and Ashe County Animal Control attempted to locate the missing dog, to date no credible information has surfaced about its whereabouts.

Sheriff: Man killed in lawnmower accident-8,842 pageviews

May 12, 2016

In early summer, Ashe County Sheriff James Williams confirmed the accidental death of a man on a lawnmower.

Williams said Steven Shane Walton, 39, of Dollar Road was killed after he was thrown or fell from a lawnmower. Dollar Road lies just off NC-88 midway between Smethport and Warrensville.

Williams said the mower was moving down a hill at the time of the accident, which occurred shortly before 2:45 p.m. on May 12, according to police scanner traffic.

Woman crashes into ABC Store-8,716 pageviews

July 1, 2016

WEST JEFFERSON-Local ABC employees had a mess on their hands just before the Independence Day holiday after a driver crashed into the store.

Diane Yates, 65, of Purlear accidentally sent her Chrysler Voyager van into the side of West Jefferson’s ABC store Friday morning, according to West Jefferson Police Chief Jeff Rose.

As Yates was pulling into a parking spot at the store shortly after 11 a.m. on July 1, Rose said she inadvertently hit the accelerator when she was trying to apply the brake.

Galax Couple Charged in Purse Theft Case-8,445 pageviews

July 18, 2016

WEST JEFFERSON-What might have started out as a Saturday night on the town turned into big trouble for a Virginia couple, according to the West Jefferson Police Department.

According to West Jefferson Police Chief Jeff Rose, a Galax couple where hit with a litany of charges following a meal at Boondocks and an investigation at Holiday Inn in West Jefferson.

According to police reports, a woman allegedly stole a purse belonging to a Boondocks employee on July 16. Further investigation later that night led to drug charges for the same suspect, along with drug and weapons charges for a man who’d dined with her at the restaurant.

Sheriff: Manhunt in Creston suspended for now-8247

Feb. 26, 2016

Ashe County Sheriff James Williams called off a late February manhunt after a suspect fled into the woods.

Williams said law enforcement chased Skyler Branson, 19, for several miles before Branson wrecked his car and headed into the woods. Williams said Branson was believed to be “heavily armed” with weapons and body armor when he bailed out of his crashed ride.

The chase ended near North Carolinas border with Tennessee, according to Williams, so the Johnson County, Tenn. and Watauga County Sheriffs Office also joined the search for Branson.

Branson was later arrested and charged in relation to the case and is awaiting trial.

(File photo) The most widely read story – ever – on the was a feature story about the departure of popular local lawman Josh Hopkins from the Ashe County Sheriff’s Office. photo) The most widely read story – ever – on the was a feature story about the departure of popular local lawman Josh Hopkins from the Ashe County Sheriff’s Office.
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