Vote Rep. Foxx out of office

To the editor:

In an article in the WSJ (10-21-16), Rep. Foxx and several other Republicans have expressed support for Donald Trump a pathological liar, a predator, an insidious, ignorant ingrate, because of their desire to repeal the ACA and cut funds to Planned Parenthood. Defunding Planned Parenthood cold result in the death of thousands of women which should be an outrage in a civilized society. 97% of the funding Planned Parenthood receives goes for for screening for cancer and for contraceptives which prevents the need for abortions. Of course, Rep. Foxx, a Catholics doesn’t embrace the use of contraceptives, thus, the contempt for our Protestant laws in our Protestant country.

Trump bragged that as a celebrity he can aggressively kiss women and “grab them by the p_____!” So, it is no surprise that Rep. Foxx has embraced this vulgar man for president to aggressively cut funding for health care for women. Trump and Foxx seem to be equally hostile to women!

Another reason to vote the reprehensible Rep. Foxx out of office is her betrayal of America for Israel. AIPAC spent $40 million to buy the votes of Republicans, including Rep. Foxx in an attempt to undermine President Obama and the P5+1 Iran Diplomacy for Israel These insidious ingrates, especially Italian and Irish Catholics are easily bought because they have no loyalty to our Protestant country. Rep. Foxx voted to make Israel the architect of our foreign policy. This should be unacceptable to any patriotic American.

Rep. Foxx, following the leadership of Ted Cruz, a Canadian-born Cuban, and voted for a partial shut down of our government in 2013 which cost the taxpayers $24 billion.

Rep. Foxx is a huge advocate for FOR-PROFIT COLLEGES which receive federal aid. It is reported (The Carolina Mercury) that Rep. Foxx received the second highest amount from the industry among members of congress, a total of $88,000 in one cycle. Numerous news outlets have reported on Rep. Foxx’s passion for “For-Profit colleges and the contribution made to her by For Profit Colleges.

In April, Corinthian College was fined $30 million for overstating job placement rates for graduates. The company has since shut down its campuses affecting about 74,000 students. A for-profit college network called ITT Educational Services (ESI) was charged with fraud by the SEC in May. It said the company’s chief executive misled investors and auditors with outright misstatements” and “half-truths” about its student loan program. (KHON2)

The taxpayers will be on the hook for a massive student loan bailout the federal government is offering students left stranded after the beleaguered for-profit Corinthian College chain abruptly closed its doors in April. The debt relief plan could cost taxpayers as much as $3.6 billion (World) Bloomberg – Hugh For-Profit College company could cost taxpayers $200 million.

Rep. Foxx is a big fan of ‘charter schools.” She wants our ‘public schools’ replaced with ‘charter schools.’ Our public schools have served Americans well. Rep. Foxx has not!

Foxx voted to cut food stamps for children. She criticized the expansion of the SCHIP program while misrepresent the facts about how much a family earns to qualify. She voted against a package for the victims of Hurricane Katrina and at the same time voted to give Israel $2.2 billion to remove Jews from occupied Gaza. Foxx voted against extending unemployment benefits while advocating to extend the Bush tax cuts for the rich. Foxx was one of just 13 members of congress to vote against HR362, a bill expressing the support of the House of Representatives for the goals and ideal of the National School Lunch Program. She opposed the bailout of the auto manufacturing co. Foxx called making college affordable ‘cynical. Foxx stated that there are no Americans who don’t have healthcare. Rep. Foxx promoted the notion that healthcare reform was a secret plot to kill the elderly. etc.

The National Defense Bill which Foxx supported and President Obama vetoed, included no new funds, just taking from Peter to pay Paul. Cutting the GI Bill by over $3 billion is vulgar, unAmerican and unacceptable while at the same time, she voted to provide Israel with $38 billion American tax dollars over the next ten years, ($3.8 billion a year, up from $3.1 billion a year).

The 5th district of North Carolina need a representative who has America’s best interest at heart, a representative who does not display contempt for women and the working class.

From 1900 to 1915, three million Italian peasants immigrated to America. We are suffering the consequence!

M.D. Block

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